Employee Clocking Systems – Throw your business a lifeline…

lifeline 4The introduction of an employee clocking system into the management “tool box”, will give your managers and supervisors that much needed help in the on-going battle to combat the profit eroding inefficiencies that face all business’s at some point in their life. That if left unchecked could spell financial trouble ahead. The most common inefficiencies experienced are mostly centred around mis-management of employee time and attendance resulting in regular over payments that may never come to light, poor employee shift cover and unchecked absenteeism. All this waste of time and resources is costing you money day after day, month after month, year after year. The introduction of one of our clocking systems will put and end to this erosion of your bottom line, and will pay for itself in a very short space of time. And will give you substantial on-going savings long into a more profitable more financially secure future.

A clocking system will save you on average * £5,000 every year. You’re effectively employing a new Manager – a “Time Manager” dedicated 24/7 to monitoring employee attendance and absenteeism.

Employee clocking systems – Enable you to cut down on paperwork…

With our top of the range clocking systems employees can book holidays and view remaining holiday entitlement at the clocking terminal. They choose the dates they want, the holiday request is then sent by email to their designated manager for approval. The approved or disapproved message is then automatically sent back to the clocking terminal and emailed to the employee if required.

Fire Alarm Link & MusterPoint

The clocking system terminal will link directly to your fire alarm Panel, enabling instant automatic fire reporting when the fire alarm activates. In addition the MusterPoint software displays a list of those currently in the building. In normal use, the MusterPoint software is left running on an Android tablet device which is connected to your network via Wi-Fi. On activation of the fire alarm you simply take the tablet device with you to the designated fire register area, where people can be accounted for.

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